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"Smart Employee Financial Program"

Biscuits is a service app that provides employee benefits, minimizes the burden of the company and further improves employee satisfaction.

What is Biscuits?

Biscuits is a corporate program that easily provides benefits to employees without burdening the company. By subscribing to this program, companies can expect to improve their employees' productivity and length of years of service, and solve employee's economic worries.

No Fee

No Risk

No Hassle

Cash Loan

In need of money immediately? Now, employees can borrow money using their mobile phones any time, 24 hours a day. It is very convenient because money is transferred to employee's selected bank account or remittance center on the same day.

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Shopping Loan

Biscuits shopping is a shopping agent service that buys your chosen item for you! All you need is choose your item and the number of payment most flexible to you. You can also shop for big items at very low monthly payments.

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Buy Load

Biscuits can also send load to your phone. It is easy to pay because payment is deducted from your salary. - Buy Load does not charge any fees or interests.

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Advance payment

You can change the payment amount according to your convenience. If you want to settle your loan soon, you can adjust by choosing an amount higher than your existing payback amount. →Learn more

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Free Payroll Software

Use our payroll software, Salarys, for free. With user-friendly designs or screens and automated accounting calculation, time consumed in doing tasks is reduced. Also, you can be at ease as the software along with applicable tax and legal laws is always updated to the latest version. →Learn more

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Auto Loan Management Function

Your employees' loan is reflected in Salarys. That is why it saves time which you can use in doing other tasks instead of spending it on employee loans calculation.

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There are already 11,000 people who are using Biscuits!

Why Biscuits is chosen

  • Low Interest rate
  • Traditional personal loans are high interest rates for long processes, low interest rates on Biscuits on the same day
  • Employee retention rate UP
  • The sense of security that you can get temporary money at any time is a motivation to work
  • The company has zero cost and can provide benefits to employees
  • Originally employee loan used company's money and work of accounting was increasing, but for Biscuits, money is borne by Biscuits and calculation is also safe as paying calculation software is given.
  • It can be added as one of merit of job advertisement.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to incorporate fulfilling welfare benefits, but using Biscuits can be used as one of appealing materials
  • Extensive support system: Since we have a customer team, we respond immediately to the unknown points
  • Simple and easy-to-use management screen
  • We are designing an administration screen that allows you to use services without getting confused about payroll software, Biscuits and anyone.
  • Explanation of usage and education of operation are minimized. - Features will be updated more and more
  • We are committed to continue to add convenient services between our employees and our company.

Easy to install: 3 Step!

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Undergo company review (2-3 business days)
  3. Employee registration