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Started Biscuits Blog. We want to deliver the information that How can we help our customers? You can also find out what is happening in the Fintech industry in the Philippines. We look forward to getting in touch with customers.

Writer / Daiki Shirakawa

What is Biscuits

We offer employee loans to our employees. Our service is aimed at the ability of a company to offer its employees a new financial benefits program without burdening the company. If you are looking for new financial support for your employees, please contact us.


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Tel: 02 810 4507
Mobile: 0917 636 9679
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Contact Us

If you want to know how Biscuits can also help out your company, please do contact the Biscuits Team. You may email us at, message us in Facebook or call/text us at 0917-636-9679, landline: 02-810-4507

Why should we install Bisucits to your company?

Now, it has become a standard for companies to provide financial support for employees as a good company. In particular, HMO and in-house loans are central support. However, internal loans are more financially and procedurally burdened than HMOs. However, the needs of employees are huge and can not be avoided. Biscuits is a service that takes on the burden in this way, making the company's risk almost zero, and it is possible to provide employees with a loan with a favorable interest rate in the Philippines.

For companies, everything is free, so please feel free to contact us from below.

  • More than 12 employees
  • Company form only (currently, private business operators are not accepted)
  • Fees: Free
  • Required documents: Basic Bank require information
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