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Biscuits Work is a platform for your company’s payroll, employee information and salary loan. Designed to assist companies in managing crucial tasks; from tedious payroll computations, to overwhelming employee information, and problematic loan applications.

Biscuits Work is divided to three (3) categories; PAYBACK, EMPLOYEE & PAYROLL. Each category designed for your exact needs!


What better way to pair this system than with our very own Biscuits Mobile App! It will let your employees apply for salary loan anytime. Plus you need not to worry about keeping their payments on track because in PAYBACK section, we automatically and accurately do that for you. You can check their loan status, loan history, and create necessary adjustments.


As promised, Biscuits Work will let you create and manage your employees’ information even better. You can do all these under the EMPLOYEE section. It’s so easy to import details. We will provide you a template that you can download in a matter of seconds! In case you missed one, you could register him directly.